Therapy for Children

I help these extraordinary little people reach their potential through individualized interactive musical activities. I see them on a weekly basis and when ready, they join a monthly one-hour group session.

Why the Harp? 

Harp Therapy is an art based on the science of sound. It is live music tailored to the patient’s immediate needs using healing musical elements, vibrations, resonance, entrainment, and intention.

Therapy for Adults

With Harp Therapy I have found a way to touch people and transform their lives like no other. While a client is with me, the music does its healing while he or she simply has a pleasant musical experience.

•  H A R P   T H E R A P Y  •

"Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness,  between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort,  between demoralization and dignity."

– Barbara Crowe (Past President, National Association for Music Therapy, USA)